Monday, May 10, 2010

Taylor's College "Share Your Love" Carnival organized by Business Club

Do you know this paper card can grow into a plan?? Cool rite?? =D

Save the Turtle !!

Many people are still in the class~

988 Giving present !!

come and get it =D Piano performance~ yeng zai !! (^,^)

my 1st performance start !!
I guess if I didnt hold the mic, my standing style look like Ip Man " Weng Chun" kikikie..
My performance start during after their class finish~
Boom Boom Pik Pik~~

Business Club and Me Group photo !!

988 and all of us group photo!! yeah !!

My New Shirt, Shoe and Jacket ! Sponsored by EVERLAST


Very nice !!
Thankyou EVERLAST !! =D