Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kita 1 Irama at IACT College (23July2010)

Kita 1 Irama !
Haha, I ask lecturer Ms Suz to sing along with my beatbox on the spot XD no one expected !

Koujee on SinChew Newspaper ! ! 22july2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Interview at Bangsa Village *Muzic Wafer* (16july2010)

interviewing~Muzic Wafer Munchy's~
Koujee Beatboxing face expression

RTM interview at my home (15july2010)

Showing them my Facebook ~! Camera zoom into my laptop screen~~Ask and answer~ haha! fun time =D
My house Kitchen~ so yellow~ Hou wong arh, Hou gan yiu wong arh ! XD

Johor Bharu Trip with Everlast (11july2010)

Everlast 100years at Johor Bharu City Square

Michelle & Koujee the Pretty and handsome emcee XD warhkikikie~~

Boxing DemoPush up competition~Wii-ing withi boxing~ fighting each other without feeling any pain! nice =D

People in City Square~!Muay Thai performacne! Woah ! (*.*)

Soul Crazy Performacne ! Yeng arh !!

SIGS performance ! wow~~Koujee again?? Haha!! (>.<) Bboy competition~ can u do that??

Bboy competition 1st and 2nd placing!

3rd placing!

4th placing!

Soul Crazy!!!Muay Thai ! ! !