Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gosh KL (26June2010)

Welcome to Gosh~!

We call this a disco ball or clubbing ball??
I drink this in Club !!Blue~~
Put your hands up ! ! *this guy beatbox again* (>.<)
DJ Brandon~! REMiX !!
Vibe the rapper~!

DJ Elvn and Koujee (o_o)v yeah !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun time at Wasp Studio Recording (25June2010)

Welcome to Wasp Studio ~ !

Crazy Stupid face while beatboxing (>3<) * Juz Pretending beatboxing, look so fake rite~ i know* =P

After done recording, Watch cartoon network ! guess what am i drinking ?


*Jimmy Neutron*

What a busy day XD warhkakakaka!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Munchy's TVC Shooting night (24 May 2010)

Munchy's Bite me (^w^)Munchys TVC CharactersStory line~~In the house!!Outside the House !!Hahahaha!! Do u know where did they get this pic from??

Look alike huh?? hahaha!Styling my hair~~ Cut my hair~~ (*.*)

After hair cut and finish styling my hair~ (o_o) hmmm...

Finally !! done dressing and make up and everything (^o^) my NEW LOOK !!

During shooting ~ It took 7pm shoot until the next day 7am~ TIRED !!

Happy Ending !! Munchy's Muzic for your MOUTH !! (^o^)/ ROCK ~!

第二届超级星光帮2010 at Sri Petaling Carefour (13June2010)

Koujee is one of the Judge in this Singing competition =D Yeah !

Im grabing my mic and ready to speak ! You sing well, Good job XD

Beatboxing~~Shouting : I Love Sri Petaling !!! Coz its my homeTown~~ (^w^)

After Shouting, feel very thirsty (*,*) Drink Water !!!

Yeah! Im back =P
Thanks for coming !! Hope u enjoy !! Yeah ! ! =D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mr & Ms Taekwondo 22 May 2010

Mr & Ms Teakwondo 2010

Mr Teakwondo, All Black belt (o_O)

Ms Teakwondo, All the girls with black belt (O.O) !! Yeng arh !!!

Peopleeeee~~~~Ready??Punch !! *BANG* Woarh !! Geng arh !! (>o<) Me ~~ (*.*)The Winner of Mr & Ms Teakwondo in 2010 ~! Tang Dang !!!

Me and The master of Teakwondo ! ! Dont play play XD

Thanks for coming !! yeah b(^o^)d